Find Your Style Confidence

Inspiring you to make confident style choices so you find joy in your wardrobe and feel beautiful every day.

 Through my one-to-one sessions and workshops, you will learn the three pillars of personal style - color, style personality and body shape. Having this knowledge is the key to feeling empowered in your style.


Color has a big impact on how we look and feel and how others perceive us. Wear colors with confidence and you will look and feel amazing 

The key to looking and feeling great is understanding what suits your unique body and personality. Feel confident in your style every day 

Create a more mindful approach to your wardrobe and detox what you have. When your closet works efficiently you can get dressed quickly and with ease  




Hi, I am a style consultant based in Amman, Jordan. I am passionate about style and self-expression. Trained as both a stylist and a holistic counsellor, I use this unique pairing of skills to help you customize your style so you can enjoy the freedom and energy that comes from truly feeling at one with your outfits and style.

Thank you for helping me to reconnect with this part of myself that was neglected for so many years.

You understand me. It is like I am looking at a fashion magazine, and you simply advise what’s best for me. I love it!

My closets are now organized and nice and fresh to look at, making getting dressed so much faster and much more fun!