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Inspiring you to enjoy your wardrobe, have fun in your events and adore your home

Do you waste time looking for outfits? Do you have many clothes and still feel you have nothing to wear? Do you want to feel excited about getting dressed every day? I can help! 

Whatever your occasion – lunch, brunch, dinner at home or a venue - You want it to be special for you and your guests. I will consult with you on any part of the event. I can guide you how to do it yourself or handle it all!  

Do you declutter or buy new things but still feel something is missing? I will help you achieve your aspired lifestyle through my process of decluttering, rearranging and creating.



Hi, I am a style consultant based in Amman, Jordan. I am passionate about style and self-expression. Trained as both a stylist and a holistic counsellor, I use this unique pairing of skills to help you customize your style so you can enjoy the freedom and energy that comes from truly feeling at one with your outfits and surroundings.


Thank you for helping me to reconnect with this part of myself that was neglected for so many years.

Khuloud has an uncanny ability to match the event preparations with the personality and the requirement of her clients.

Thank you Khuloud, you gave me tools so that every day I feel my home energizes me.


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