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Get the Khuloud Style experience without leaving home

My most popular personal style sessions are all available as online sessions...

Color Analysis (dominant only)


Discover your DOMINANT COLOR TYPE and your ‘wow’ colors that suit your natural coloring. Learn about your neutrals and fashion colors and how to wear them. After this session you will feel confident wearing the colors you love, know how to wear them and be confident when ‘shopping your wardrobe’ or buying from shops.


  • A wallet of 30 fabric swatch colors sent to your home

  • Digital color palette

  • Follow up to practise what you learnt, sharing pictures with me.


Duration: 2 hours

Cost: 200JDS / US$300

Personal Style


Discover your style personality type and learn how to dress your body shape in the most flattering ways so you feel confident and glamorous every time you get dressed. It will help you sort your wardrobe, declutter it and update it by shopping the perfect styles and fit for you.

Duration: 1 hour 30 mins

Cost: 150JDS / US$225

Outfit Styling


I help you prepare outfits to suit your lifestyle. 

Cost: 100JDS / US$150 per hour

Style Update


Once you have you learnt your ‘wow’ colors and what styles suit your personality and body shape, it is time we go through the latest runway styles and pick those that suit you best and fill the gaps in your wardrobe.

Duration: 1 hour 30 mins

Cost: 50JDS / US$225

Online Shopping


I will choose items for you online. Or shop with you live while you are shopping via WhatsApp..

Cost: 100JDS / US$150 per hour

Thank you Khuloud, it was a wonderful and enjoyable experience.

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