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Upcoming Workshops

Let me help you to navigate this year's trends and find the best colors and styles for your colouring, style personality and body shape. You can embrace the new season with confidence!

Weds 21 April - 9pm

Zoom Into Your Confident Wardrobe

I don't currently have a date in the diary for this workshop, but will be adding one very soon. Contact me to reserve your spot and I'll let you know as soon as booking is open.

Thank you for a very well executed workshop. I really enjoyed it. It was great to learn more about maximizing wears of my favorite wardrobe pieces.  Looking forward to more workshops!


Zoom into your confident wardrobe workshop was amazing! Khuloud delivered it with a high level of professionalism and style. I gained so many new insights on how to audit my wardrobe... all covered in a easy and fun way.


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