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Upcoming Workshops

Zoom Into Your Confident Wardrobe

7.30pm - Wednesday 23 June

A confident wardrobe is one that:

  • reflects your personality and taste

  • brings you joy and excitement when you stand in-front of it every morning to get dressed

  • is a mirror of your lifestyle

  • evolves with you as you evolve in life.

Do you:

  • have lots of clothes and nothing to wear?

  • save your best for better?

  • have items in your wardrobe that the tags are still dangling from it?

  • take plenty of time getting dressed in the morning?

  • feel there is nowhere to go, so why bother with my self image?

  • want minimal items in your wardrobe but still have plenty of outfits?

  • have plenty of clothes and want to make wear of all your clothes?

If you ticked ✔ any of these Qs - don't wait to look good and feel good, come and join me on this interactive workshop

Thank you for a very well executed workshop. I really enjoyed it. It was great to learn more about maximizing wears of my favorite wardrobe pieces.  Looking forward to more workshops!


Zoom into your confident wardrobe workshop was amazing! Khuloud delivered it with a high level of professionalism and style. I gained so many new insights on how to audit my wardrobe... all covered in a easy and fun way.