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"Style is a self reflection, fashion is the tool"

My passion is to assist you in creating and realizing a stylish vision for your life. I would love to help you identify the creativity and passion that lies within you and give you the tools to find joy in your wardrobe and getting dressed.

Trained as a Colour Me Beautiful Image Consultant, and with experience working in the fashion industry, you can be confident that I have the skills to support you on your style journey. The true heart of my approach is guided by my training as a holistic counsellor. I can help you to discover and capture the colorful parts of your inner self that you may not see in yourself. We can then work together to express them as a distinctive style.

My wish is for all my clients to feel the harmony and passion that is possible when their personal style truly reflects their inner personality. A new feeling of joy and fulfilment is possible when you find your style confidence!

I understand that helping you with your style is a personal experience and I guarantee complete confidentiality and discretion throughout our journey together.


She has a charming and funny personality, and she achieves astonishing results through knowing the goal.

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